Mundum, 2012 | by Márcia Beatriz Granero

Video | color | stereo | Full HD
Edition 2/5 + 1AP

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As she arrives in an unusual setting, Jaque Jolene reveals an impulse to let go of some belongings.

Mundum is one of the first collaborations between the artist Márcia Beatriz Granero and the entity Jaque Jolene, and is therefore formative of the identity which performs within it.

MUNDUM from Marcia Beatriz Granero on Vimeo.

Series: Mundum

Signature: This work is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Image rights: © Marcia Beatriz Granero

Márcia Beatriz Granero is a Brazilian artist, independent producer and graduate of Belas Artes de São Paulo. Her projects explore the creation of a character, Jaque Jolene, recorded in videos and photographs. Jaque is the centre of the work, a fictional autobiographical entity who from time to time inhabits Márcia Beatriz Granero’s body. The artist collaborates with her creation in performative actions as they visit historic buildings where cultural institutions are established. These performances result in videos, photographs and installations. In them, cinematic language is explored not in order to undermine the fallacies of cinematic constructions but as a device for investigation and presentation of their surroundings. The videos have been screened and exhibited at over fifty festivals, such as: The Latino Video Art Festival of New York, Simultan Festival (Romania), Bideodromo Festival Internacional de Cine y Video Experimental (Spain), Oslo Screen International Video Art Festival (Norway), Fiva Festival Internacional de Videoarte (Argentina), International Video Festival Videomedeja (Serbia), Channels Video Art Festival (Australia), L’OEil d’Oodaaq (France), Miden Video Art Festival (Greece), Proyector Festival Internacional de Videoarte (Portugal and Italy).

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Exhibited and Screened @
*14th Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes Oberá en Cortos, curated by Maia Navas, July 2017 (Misiones-Argentina).
*Southern Revelries, A.L.I.S.N. & IFAC Arts, Platforms Project Independent Art Fair, Stand G4, curated by Alessandra Falbo, 20-25 May 2017 (Athens, Greece).
*Carnaval, Belli Fuori, curated by Alessandra Falbo, 26 February – 10 May 2017 (London, UK).
*11th VERBO Mostra de Performance e Arte, June-July 2015 (São Paulo, Brazil).
*Brasil: Ficções, curated by Laurem Crossetti, April 2015 (Porto, Portugal).
*Videoraymi – Muestra Internacional de Videoarte del Cusco, curated by Ángel García Roldán, December 2014 (Cusco, Peru).
*2th Mostra de Cinema de Gostoso, curated by Eugênio Puppo, Centro de Cultura, November 2014 (São Miguel do Gostoso, Brazil).
*EFF Portland Experimental Film Festival, curated by Hannah Piper Burns e Ben Popp, May 2014, Hollywood Theatre (Portland, Oregon).
*Le Festival Oodaaq – L’Œil d’Oodaaq, curated by Enora Davodeau, May 2014 (Rennes, France).
*Les Rencontres Internationales, curated by Nathalie Hénon and Jean-François Rettig, February-March 2014, Gaîté Lyrique Berlin and Palais de Tokyo.
*Proyección Videada Vol.06, Elgalpon Espacio, April 2014 (Lima, Peru).
*Mostra do Filme Livre, Mar-Apr-May 2014 (São Paulo, Brasília and Rio de Janeiro – Brazil).
*Mundum, Fundación Santander Creativa-Enclave Pronillo, curated by Luis Bezeta, January-March 2014 (Santander, Spain).
*Entretodos – Bloco “O outro” – Festival de curtas de Direitos Humanos, December 2013 (São Paulo, Brazil).
*17th International Video Festival VIDEOMEDEJA, Nov-Dec 2013 (Novi Sad, Sérvia).
*Mostra Nacional de Vídeos Intervenções e Performances, December 2013 (Juazeiro do Norte, Crato and Santana do Cariri, Brazil).
*SIMULTAN Festival #9 | ‘Popular Unknown’, October 2013 (Timisoara, Romania).
*Channels, the Australian Video Art Festival, curated by Jessie Scott, Rachel Feery and Eugenia Lim, September 2013 (Melbourne, Australia).
*6th Laço, Paço das Artes, curated by Márcio Vermelho and Bruno Nogueira, September 2013 (São Paulo, Brazil).
*Region 0, Festival de Vídeo Arte Latino de Nueva York, Juan Carlos I Center, curated by Eva Mendoza Chandas, May 2013 (New York, USA).
*Festival Baixo Centro, March-April 2012 (São Paulo, Brazil).
*Nós-Moçada #2, VEREDAS-SP, March-April 2012 (São Paulo, Brazil).