Darling Pearls & Co. is a Ltd. Company registered in the UK (January 2018) but also a cat that provides Creative Arts services. She partners with businesses, organisations and institutions producing art exhibitions and events for educational purposes but also, eventually, for the profit of the artists who participate to exhibits produced by not relying exclusively on sales. An example would be Darling’s Attic, a self funded residency & project space. 

Darling’s Attic [ Darling’s home ] is located in a building which is one of four Edwardian Mansion blocks at Rowhill Road, Clapton (London Borough of Hackney), built c. 1901-04 by W. Andrews of Wood Green and designed by Alfred Bedborough, in a Jacobean Revival style. These blocks which are three storeys and constructed of red brick were locally listed before 2012. Darling’s Attic is a share of freehold property and it is the result of a roof conversion occurred in 2015.

Darling is an art fan. So she at the moment produces solo show art installations in collaboration with artists. These exhibitions are visited by travellers who can take their time living at the flat while artists receive a profit percentage.

In October 2018, Darling Pearls & Co started an ongoing partnership with the independent contemporary curatorial platform  IFAC Arts (NY, Athens).

Darling also acts as a sales agent. Please check available works @ Darling’s Shop & on Artsy <3

With Love,

Darling Pearls and Alessandra Falbo


Alessandra Falbo


+44 7511378063

Director’s Background

Southern Revelries

Carnaval at Belli Fuori

Summer Salon 2017 – Screening

Summer Salon 2017 – Performance and Event #1 – with Culture Device

Angus-Hughes Summer Salon 2017



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