Esqueleto, 2015 | by Márcia Beatriz Granero

38 3/5 × 26 4/5 in
98 × 68 cm
Editions 5, 6 of 10 + 1AP


Esqueleto is part of the series Minada, produced during Jaque Jolene and Márcia Beatriz Granero’s Residency at Paço das Artes (2015-São Paulo, Brazil). It represents the last documentation of this institution when it occupied the entrance hall of the brutalist skeleton of a never finished public building designed and erected in the 1970s inside São Paulo’s Cidade Universitária (State University campus), for the purpose of, someday, housing a huge cultural institution.
The video Minada also features the head office of Instituto Butantan, a biological research centre affiliated with the São Paulo State Secretariat of Health and housed in various buildings in the Butantã neighbourhood. This latter institution has, today, the right to use the building but, lacking funds for its revitalisation, keeps it empty and unused. Like the fatality that haunted Jaque Jolene in Minada, this cultural space was turned into a vaccine production facility in order, allegedly, to control an outbreak of dengue fever.

Series: Minada

Signature: This work is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Image rights: © Marcia Beatriz Granero

Márcia Beatriz Granero is a Brazilian artist, independent producer and graduate of Belas Artes de São Paulo. Her projects explore the creation of a character, Jaque Jolene, recorded in videos and photographs. Jaque is the centre of the work, a fictional autobiographical entity who from time to time inhabits Márcia Beatriz Granero’s body. The artist collaborates with her creation in performative actions as they visit historic buildings where cultural institutions are established. These performances result in videos, photographs and installations. In them, cinematic language is explored not in order to undermine the fallacies of cinematic constructions but as a device for investigation and presentation of their surroundings. The videos have been screened and exhibited at over fifty festivals, such as: The Latino Video Art Festival of New York, Simultan Festival (Romania), Bideodromo Festival Internacional de Cine y Video Experimental (Spain), Oslo Screen International Video Art Festival (Norway), Fiva Festival Internacional de Videoarte (Argentina), International Video Festival Videomedeja (Serbia), Channels Video Art Festival (Australia), L’OEil d’Oodaaq (France), Miden Video Art Festival (Greece), Proyector Festival Internacional de Videoarte (Portugal and Italy).

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Exhibited @
*Temporada de Projetos, Paço das Artes, curated by Priscila Arantes, july – september 2015 (São Paulo, Brazil).

Minada e os lugares de passagem” Text by Claudia Fazzolari, São Paulo Brazil 2015.
Cláudia Fazzolari entrevista Márcia Beatriz e/ou Jaque Jolene“, São Paulo Brazil 2015.