Maria Olga, 2019 | by Aleksandra Osa


Oil on Canvas
70 x 50 cm


Maria Olga (2019) is part of Q.E.D., a series of portraits and nude paintings made in Athens (2019). The title stands for the Latin phrase “quod erat demonstrandum” which yields “thus it has been demonstrated”. In philosophy and mathematics this means that an argument is complete. The ultimate goal of natural science is to find order in the things around us, to explain the world in the language of logic. By extension the same aspiration can be found in the arts. Painting can be a study and an attempt to amplify the use of color as an art form in order to purify the impression. Following Polish Kapists tradition Aleksandra aims at disengaging aesthetics from context by choosing an academic topic like the nude body as a base for artistic experiments.

Series: Q.E.D.

Image rights: © Aleksandra Osa

Signature: Hand-signed and dated on the reverse.

Aleksandra Osa was born in Warsaw in 1988. She graduated Academy of Fine Arts (Warsaw, 2015) at the Faculty of Painting. Her works have been featured at solo and collective exhibitions in Poland, UK, Greece, and in the USA.
Aleksandra has experimented with several mediums, such as acrylics, ink and gouache, but the oils tend to be her most preferred medium. In her works the artist attempts to interpret reality through her own artistic resources, simultaneously maintaining a semblance of realism. Her art is inspired by her own environment, treating the subject merely as an excuse for the search of artistic form. Aleksandra worked, alongside an international team of painters, as part of the animation team of the movie Loving Vincent (2015-2016). In her role as a painting animator she specialised in moving camera as well as in landscape scenes. She currently lives and works in Athens, Greece.