Bela Vista/Brasil/1791.08.01, 2017 | by Denise Alves-Rodrigues


Pencil drawing on notebook paper
11 7/10 × 16 1/2 in
29.7 × 42 cm

Print on semi gloss 200gsm poster paper
11 7/10 × 16 1/2 in
29.7 × 42 cm
Edition of 8 + 1AP


Bela Vista/Brasil/1791.08.01 is part of the series Deus Salve o Materialismo Histórico (God Save Historical Materialism). The series this far is comprised of six astronomical readings, at real hours (symbolically hours of Vespers) which offer astronomical data about particular historical events. The dates chosen for this series of studies go from the historical discovery of Brazil to the first imperialist act by the country.

“Denise Alves-Rodrigues looked up for info on her series Deus Salve o Materialismo Histórico (God Save Historical Materialism). As she told me earlier last week: “I thought of making a series of Cartas Austrais. Cartas Austrais are astronomical readings of the sky on a particular date/time and for a specific location. They have a thing of finding something: is there any connection between social events and the positions of celestial bodies?”. Look up for the dates on her work.” – excerpt from curatorial text by Alessandra Falbo distributed at the event and exhibition Carnaval at Belli Fuori, 2017 (London, UK) and at Southern Revelries at Platforms Project 2017 (Athens, GR).

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Series: Deus Salve o Materialismo Histórico (God Save Historical Materialism)

Image rights: © Denise Alves-Rodrigues

Signature: This work is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Denise Alves-Rodrigues (b. 1981 in Itaporã-MS) lives and works in São Paulo-SP. She is an artist, self-taught technologist and amateur astronomer. She is an active member of MSST (Movimento dos Sem Satélites – Satelliteless Movement) and develops studies on faulty technologies, impure sciences and doubtful theories. She invents electronic and astronomic devices used by her and/or at workshops she administers, collecting data from the sky, water and earth and researching in this way frictions between technics and representation. She has participated technology related residencies such as Kiosko (Santa Cruz de la sierra/Bolívia), JA.CA’s Residency – Dispositivo Móvel (Nova Lima/BH), LabRes – Rural Scapes (SP) and Nuvem’s Rural Residency for Art and Technology (RJ).

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