Footage Credits // Yellow Bile-Choleric

Wizards 1977 HD, Youtube

Gandahar-light Years in HD English, Youtube

Red dead redemption 2 pc free roam game play, Youtube

Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy examination, Youtube

How to highlight and contour for beginners, Youtube

Many different ice cream van chimes, Youtube

Dog barking in the distance sound effect, Youtube

Children playing-background sound 1 hour, Youtube

Lawnmower engine sounds 8 hours, Youtube

Black Sabbath~War pigs, Youtube

Green screen hurricane storm wind Debris, Youtube

Butterflies flying across green screen, Youtube

Chicken Green Screen 4k Video hen walk eat idle, Youtube

Green screen man jogging in tracksuit, Youtube

Cedric McMillan[HD] Posing Routine

Green Screen Owl Flying across screen, Youtube

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