Footage Credits // Blood-Sanguine

Wizards 1977 HD, Youtube

Timemasters 1982, Youtube

Gandahar-light Years in HD English, Youtube

Best in show at 2020 Crufts, Youtube

Perfect sunset 60min 4k (ultra HD), Youtube

Frozen a cosmic kids yoga adventure, Youtube

Ring around the roses (slender elementary version), Youtube

Teletubbies my mums a doctor-Full episode, Youtube

Very relaxing 3hour video of large waterfall, Youtube

Singing nightingale. The best bird song, Youtube

Sunset music, nature sounds, meditation music, ocean sunset, 4k, Youtube

Blood on 1000x Microscope HD 1080p, Youtube

Fascinating video of a donors heart being kept beating, Youtube

C+C Music Factory-I found love (Loveland remix), Youtube

Pro-Trump evangelical Kenneth Copeland laughs, Youtube

Birds Flying Green screen effect, Youtube

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