PV : Saturday 13 April 2019 – 7:30PM – 10:30PM

@Darling’s Attic : 13-18 Kinnoul Mansions, Rowhill Road, E5 8EB / Flat 18A

No doorbell : txt +44 7511378063 and we’ll greet you !!!!

Exhibition Continues: 14 April – 18 July 2019

       Spring Candy, A Dress Rehearsal, is very much a work-in-progress: a stop-motion animation, credits sequence to an unrealised full length feature film. Spring Candy is a springboard into a satire of the inner workings of the fashion industry as well as into a close knit circle of friends. It has a duality of being a work in itself while at the same time presenting the films’ themes and characters. The film plays within the contradictions of fashion tropes, leaning into art movements’ iconography; an essay upon formal versus informal aesthetics, high/low cultural values, reversed perspectives and visual games.

Synopsis: Since time immemorial there have been love cheats, extramarital relations happening behind partners’ backs. This story will approach these themes. However, it is not a morality tale but simply an observation of modern life, a comedy of manners, an absurdist delight.

          Mary Meadows is an Alpha female, perfect wife, and mother, she is gracious and generous to her friends. She is a fashion features editor. Mary is married to Roger Meadows, the playwright, director, and producer. They have a daughter, Little Mary Meadows, who is introduced towards the end of the animation as a bridge into the main feature.

          The story unfolds as a series of vignettes taking place at social events, cocktail parties, gallery openings, lunches, dinners, hairdressers, beauty salons and fashion shows. The film concludes with the Women of the Year Awards Ceremony, all of this being a glamorous screwball comedy, a theme for a dream.

          Presented at Darling’s Attic is a mock-up of a fashion feature story directed by the fictional character Mary Meadows.

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