Denise Alves-Rodrigues (b. 1981 in Itaporã-MS) lives and works in São Paulo-SP. She is an artist, self-taught technologist and amateur astronomer. She is an active member of MSST (Movimento dos Sem Satélites – Satelliteless Movement) and develops studies on faulty technologies, impure sciences and doubtful theories. She invents electronic and astronomic devices used by her and/or at workshops she administers, collecting data from the sky, water and earth and researching in this way frictions between technics and representation. She has participated in technology-related residencies such as Kiosko (Santa Cruz de la Sierra-BV), JA.CA’s Residency – Dispositivo Móvel (Nova Lima-MG), LabRes – Rural Scapes (SP), Nuvem’s Rural Residency for Art and Technology (RJ). Her works have also been presented nationally and internationally; exhibitions include the group shows Topologies of an Ad Hoc Future (Athens-GR), Imminence of Tragedy (São Paulo-BR), Travessias Ocultas/Hidden Crossings (São Paulo-BR), Comuna Intergalática/Intergalactic Commune (São Paulo-BR), Southern Revelries (Athens-GR), Carnaval @ Belli Fuori (London-UK), Art en Orbita/Art in Orbit (Quito- EC). Her most recent solo exhibitions were Há uma esfinge entre nós/There is a sphinx between us at Sé Galeria (São Paulo-SP, 2019) and Vocação Para a Ruína [Vocation To Ruin], Prova de Estudo [Proof of Study] as part of the wrong biennale at Darling Pearls & Co (London -UK, 2019-2020). –

Rolina E. Blok (b. The Hague, 1992) is an artist of Dutch/Romanian origin, currently based in London. Blok is an MA Fine Art alumna from Central Saint Martins, where she also undertook a printmaking residency from her graduation in 2016 until 2018. Her work incorporates multiple disciplines, including printmaking, sculpture, performance, video and visual effects. She was awarded the Daniel Ford International Award for Innovation and has participated in projects at Tate Exchange, Palais de Tokyo and various galleries internationally. She was invited to show her work at the 58th Venice Biennale in 2019. Blok is currently a Screenprint Fellow at The Royal Academy of Arts and is the course leader for Advanced Print & Media at City Lit. – @rolinablok

Itziar Bilbao Urrutia is a visual artist, activist and pornographer based in London. Her practice is linked to its many sexual subcultures. Her interest in the disobedience of the Monstrous Feminine has led her to explore mediums unrelated to the art tradition, such as porn as a film genre. Since 2004, her projects have been based on an exploration of the international fetish scene as a space of identity and praxis, that lead her to establish her own fetish porn studio, The Urban Chick Supremacy Cell. Using digital adult content as a form of survival and of expression, she mixes the discourse of Femdom with the aesthetics and rhetoric of historical radical action and feminism, such as Valerie Solanas and the Baader-Meinhof group. – @itziarbilbaourrutia

Identity, imperfection, irritation, cultural anthropology, ontology. Memory. Behaviour. Fueled by travelogues, fragmented pieces of thought and shreds information, the work of Koenraad Claes is conceived in an extemporary, organic fashion. Observations, sketches and (found) footage are hoarded and form an open-ended archive that is consulted on a regular basis. Exercises in the pathetic, between shaman and charlatan. Print, paint, installation, video and performance are the strategies of choice. Koenraad Claes is part of two collectives which hibernate and reincarnate according to circumstances: Casablanca Collective, a reactionary self-imposing collective flirting with activism and spiritualism. Intermerz, an artist/research collective browsing trash aesthetics, urbanism and protocols. Intermerz publishes its observations in a variety of media… from object to essay and… – ;

Leigh Clarke’s practice is anchored in print, yet spans printmaking, painting, publications and performance. His starting point begins with gathering site specific information in social environments, often manifesting as found, mass produced objects or reprographics. Having started his creative career as a comedian, Clarke is interested in how art can document human behaviour and unify diverse communities. He has worked within commercial galleries and publicly funded projects mainly in the UK and Belgium. In 2019, he made work for the Margate Festival with Turner Contemporary. In 2018, he made projects for the Whitstable Biennale and Centre de la Gravure et de l’Image imprimée in Belgium. As part of the re-generation of the Lee Valley, he created work for Create London in 2017. Between 2015 and 2016 he worked on projects funded by the Arts Council in Stoke-on-Trent. In 2012, his work was part of the London Open at the Whitechapel Open. He has worked since 2006 as an artist and curator in Belgium galleries and public spaces. These include Lokaal 01, Kusseneers Gallery, Fred and Ferry Gallery and Centre de la Gravure. –

Holly Crawford is an artist and art historian. She has been an artist her entire life. Her artistic practice encompasses research, live art, painting, photography, sculpture, sound art, video and installations. For many years now, her practice has been in the grey area between art and activism. Projects have exhibited internationally: I’m…who are you? Oh, so sorry. Nothing will happen to me? in the Research Pavilion in Venice, 2017. 13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird site-specific installations in U.S. Consulate Gallery, Florence, Valencia, Berlin, London, The Lab, New York City, Chile and Riverside Art Museum, Southern California. Offerings project was a participating .net project at Ars Electronica. Found Punctuation was screened at the Tate Modern in 2007. Sound Art Limo and Critical Conversations in a Limo were part of the Armory Art Fair and the Melbourne International Arts Festival in 2007. She has written and edited books and papers that include: Attached to the Mouse, 2006 and catalogue essay in, “Disney and Pop” in Once Upon a Time Walt Disney Studio; Artistic Bedfellows, edited, 2008; her PhD is from the University of Essex in Art History and Theory, B.A and M.A. in Economics and M.S. in Behavioral Science from UCLA. She was a non-clinical Fellow at NYU Medical School Psychoanalytic Center and taught at UCLA in the Art Department and SVA. She founded AC Institute, a non-profit space in NYC for experimental work and books that are distributed by SPD. Born in California, she has moved a lot as a child and an adult. She now lives in New York City environs. Member of AICA-US chapter. –

Chris Dorley-Brown set up his own photographic practice in 1984 concentrating on documenting East London. In a series of residencies and commissions focussing on social housing, workplaces, hospitals and architecture, he has established a substantial archive of images that are re-purposed and re-contextualised for distribution via web, film, exhibition and publication. Project partners have included the BBC, Museum of London, Homerton Hospital, the Wellcome Collection and various London Borough archives. He often works with re-energising existing archival material as part of creating new works. Recent publications include photo books The Longest Way Round (Overlapse, 2015), Drivers in the 1980s (Hoxton Mini-Press, 2015), The Corners (Hoxton Mini-Press, 2018) and The East End in Colour: The Photography of David Granick (Hoxton Mini-Press, 2018). He lives and works in East London. –

Alessandra Falbo (b. São Paulo, 1990) is a London-based Italian artist, performer and curator. Her practice draws itself from her personal experience and includes collaborative projects: the short docu-fiction A Rough Cut Of Love (2017), produced with the director Lud Monaco, has been screened in over 50 cites across Brazil, Europe and the U.S. She has curated numerous group and solo exhibitions internationally including A Moveable Feast (Platforms Project Independent Art Fair, Athens, 2019), Eaux d’Artifice (in collaboration with Lee Wells, IFAC Athina, Athens, 2019) and Porn The Theory – Fantasy The Practice // by Stewart Home & Itziar Bilbao Urrutia (Cable Depot, London, 2019). Her most recent collaborative (duo with Rolina E. Blok) exhibition was Working Hard or Hardly Working: a Deepfake Sensation (Five Years, London, 2020). She is the founder & director of the project & residency space Darling Pearls & Co (London, UK). – @alessandra.falbo

Warren Garland (b. 1977) is a visual artist, printmaker, filmmaker, and curator born in Birmingham and based in London. His practice as a filmmaker is two-fold. He makes long form experimental documentaries that build conversations between historical references in British documentary and his personal background and lived experiences as well as short video art pieces consisting of found footage collected from the Internet then re-edited, cut out and collaged. In these short videos, he mostly works out of a self-constructed world called Baltia, which is a mythological island base somewhere in the Baltic Sea. This world allows the artist the freedom to manoeuvre and place himself in a purely fictitious world that parallels the real world of which he parodies, mimics and subverts through magical realist video and sound. –

Marcia Beatriz Granero is a Brazilian artist, independent producer and graduate of Belas Artes de São Paulo. Her projects explore the creation of a character, Jaque Jolene, recorded in videos and photographs. Jaque is the centre of the work, a fictional autobiographical entity who from time to time inhabits Marcia Beatriz Granero’s body. The artist collaborates with her creation in performative actions as they visit historic buildings where cultural institutions are established. These performances result in videos, photographs and installations. In them, cinematic language is explored not in order to undermine the fallacies of cinematic constructions but as a device for investigation and presentation of their surroundings. The videos have been screened and exhibited at over fifty festivals, such as The Latino Video Art Festival of New York, Simultan Festival (Romania), Bideodromo Festival Internacional de Cine y Video Experimental (Spain), Oslo Screen International Video Art Festival (Norway), Fiva Festival Internacional de Videoarte (Argentina), International Video Festival Videomedeja (Serbia), Channels Video Art Festival (Australia), L’OEil d’Oodaaq (France), Miden Video Art Festival (Greece), Proyector Festival Internacional de Videoarte (Portugal and Italy). –

Since the late 1990s, Marc Hulson’s work has focused on the development of a densely interwoven lexicon of imagery, organised around a principle of alternation between the spectral and the visceral. Informed by a longstanding engagement with experimental, speculative and supernatural fiction, his paintings and drawings chart a specifically pictorial and personal field of the weird. He also practices collaboratively in diverse fields (moving image, sound, installation, performance). His work has been exhibited at public, private and independent galleries in the U.K. and internationally including the exhibitions ‘Saturn’ at Transition 2, London (2019), ‘HOUSEKEEPER’ at Sagacity, Brussels (2018), ‘The Yellow Sleep’ at Kunstverein Heppenheim, Germany (2014) and the national touring exhibition ‘3:AM’ at the Bluecoat, Liverpool. –

Stewart Home is an award-winning visual artist and author of fifteen novels, seven works of cultural commentary, one collection of poetry and one collection of stories. His most recent solo exhibition was Dual Flying Kicks at Five Years in June 2018. His most recent book is Re-Enter The Dragon: Genre Theory, Brucesploitation & the Sleazy Joys of Lowbrow Cinema (Ledatape Organisation, September 2018). Home was born and lives in London. When he isn’t shredding copies of his own books as live art, he likes to entertain audiences by standing on his head and spewing obscenities. –

Esther Planas’ research focuses on self-instituting practices during hostile times/spaces, and the power of critique and of radical gestures for producing the utopian. She works with her project Escuela de Calor/School of Calidity to generate a series of ongoing situationist processes where ‘encounters happen’ generating ephemeral contingencies where alienation and otherness is explored. Her practice is strongly informed by her background in dance and theatre and takes form multidimensionally as installation, film, lectures, publishing, performance or sound interventions. She has shown internationally, including at MACRO Museo, Rome, Hong Kong-Shenzen Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture, and the International Architectural Festival Barcelona. –

Artemis Potamianou is an artist and curator who is currently based in Athens. Potamianou has had (24) one-person exhibitions in Athens at Hellenic American Union (Athens), at Borough Museum and Art Gallery (Newcastle), Birmingham (MAC -Midlands Art Center of Birmingham), at Fizz Gallery (Athens), at Tint Gallery (Thessaloniki), at Pleiades Gallery (Athens), etc. She has participated in more than 130 group shows at the 1st Biennale of Thessalonica, the BIDA – Biennale of Spain, 3rd Athens Biennale, National Museum of Contemporary Art, (Athens), State Museum of Contemporary Art (Thessaloniki), Vista Mare Foundation (Pescara), International Young Art 2002: Sotheby’s Amsterdam, Sotheby’s Tel Aviv, Sotheby’s Moscow, Change and Partner Contemporary Art (Rome), «Greek Sale»- Bonhams (London), The Benaki Museum (Athens), Biennale Internazionale Dell’ Arte Contemporanea (Florence), Open 15 – International Exhibition,(Venice), Tensta Kulturhus-Tensta house of culture (Stockholm), etc. Potamianou completed her BA(FA) at the School of Fine Art (Athens) in 1997, and has subsequently received an MA degree from the Staffordshire University (1999). She has curated more than 50 exhibitions of important artists of the international scene. She has curated exhibitions of Joseph Kosuth, Damien Hirst, Joseph Beuys, Terry Atkinson, Peter Greenaway, Candice Breitz, Guerrilla Girls, etc. Potamianou is the founder and Director of Platforms Project– Independent Art Fair. She is the radio presenter and producer of Art Therapy, a radio talk-show about visual art at Beton7 radio since 2011. Potamianou is also the Editor in chief of visual arts for GRA Review (architectural magazine for architecture and design) since 2010. Potamianou is in the board and Treasurer of AICA HELLAS (International Association of Art Critics) since 2015. She has written essays for various exhibitions’ catalogues and books. –

In his work, Remco Roes collects fragments and spaces that he happens to find on his path. His – inevitably incomplete – collection of objects and ‘observations’ is forced into temporary spatial order whenever it is exhibited or made into a work. This involves Remco being attentively present amidst the materials he works with. The resulting installations balance between speaking and remaining silent, between intention and coincidence, between purposeful work and the uselessness of residual space. – ;

Alex Schady’s interdisciplinary practice includes drawing, video, sculpture and performance. His current work focuses on the relationship between these media and how seemingly incompatible modes of practice might coexist.  Projects have included an exhibition at Camden Arts Centre (Rulers 2011), a series of performances within the Oil Tanks at Tate Modern (Misguided 2012) and a solo show at Five Years Gallery (Besame Mucho 2013). – @alexschady

Lee Wells is a conceptual artist, independent curator and writer working in Greece, London and New York. His artwork and projects question systems of power and control and have been exhibited internationally, including the 51st Venice Biennale, The Guggenheim Museum, and PS1/MoMA, in addition to numerous festivals, art fairs, and galleries. Wells was most recently invited as an artist and curator for the 1st Mykonos Biennale in Greece and continues to further the dialogue between video and painting to create new ways of thinking. –