R.I.P. A.S.P.T.D.

by J.V. Aranda

feat. Spirits of Detonations Past

by Rolina E.Blok and Marc Hulson


Starting @ 7PM

Darling Pearls & Co. happily announces the imminent demise of A Safe Place To Detonate // an installation by J.V. Aranda at Darling’s Attic // meeting its bitter end on August 4, 2018.

With collages from Hollywood Never Could Get You Right  [series] carefully curated in a white noise infected liveable space // A.S.P.T.D. hosted many souls since its inception – April 7 2018 . Their concurrent journeys brought them to seek temporary refuge in a cartoon physics environment // raining blood always Darlings!

Darling invites you to join us for a night of mourning goth celebration // as you do // as we lay A Safe Place To Detonate to rest with Spirits of Detonations Past  -> commissioned special performance by Rolina E Blok and Marc Hulson -> Down in my tea cup //  I see your face looking up // Sitting in my easy chair // I feel your fingers running through my hair // Though we’re far apart // Your spectre’s in my heart // There’s a ghost in my house // I can’t hide // For the ghost of your love is inside // Keeps on haunting me // Still just a part of me // By the way I hang my head // You can see I’m afraid // Though my heart  // knows you’re gone // My mind keeps rolling on // There’s a ghost in my house // I can’t hide // In my house I am helpless // practice superstitious // I hear footsteps on the stairs // I know there’s no-one there // Keeps on haunting me // Keeps on haunting me // There’s a ghost in my house // A ghost of your memory // A ghost of the love that was took from me [‘Ghost in My House’ The Fall]


Rolina E. Blok is a London based artist of Dutch/Romanian origin. Blok’s practice currently revolves around magic, illusionism and mysticism; which manifests through printmaking, multimedia and performance.

Marc Hulson is a London based visual artist. His practice is devoted primarily to painting and drawing and is informed by a longstanding engagement with experimental, speculative and supernatural fiction.

They have previously participated together in a number of group projects, including the exhibition Perhaps You Can’t Even Begin To Imagine at Angus Hughes Gallery and the performance Impositions at Tate Exchange. Spirits of Detonations Past is a collaborative response to John Vincent Aranda’s installation.


J.V. Aranda is a Collage artist interested in the evolution of the medium during the digital age; the increased accessibility of source imagery now available thanks to the internet and the abundance of tools and resources that allows artists practicing Collage to explore a number of varied roles, such as curator, painter, sculptor, time-traveler and mad scientist. It is the artist’s sincere belief that Collage essentially explores and celebrates the relationship between the world’s collective visual history and it’s viewers, through the unorthodox means of destruction, manipulation and reconstruction, in order to create something new and reflective of the time in which these previously unconnected elements were reconfigured as a Collage. J.V. is originally from San Diego, California, has studied at Camberwell College of Arts and Central Saint Martins in London and now resides on the moon.


Spirits of Detonations Past from Alessandra Falbo on Vimeo.


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